I’ve wanted to talk about photography for a while now but I guess I never really felt like I had the knowledge or the understanding of the practice to write a full-on blog post about it. However, this morning I literally got up and went “screw it” I’m going to write whatever it is I want to write about and I’m going to post it on my blog! Half of the reason is because I really wanted to write about photography but the other reason is because I felt guilty that I haven’t really posted anything in a long time. Like I have tons of drafts but I’ve just never really posted them because I never got around to finishing them. I’m sure there are others out there like me who start writing stuff and then forget to finish it haha. Forgive me!

“ A photo my sister took of me on Crescent Beach edited with Snapseed on my iPhone!”

Photography for me is really a way to express myself through pictures. Now you might be thinking, “OMG this guy is totally unoriginal” or “SOOO many people have said the exact same thing,” but for me it’s honestly my truth. There’s only so many ways a person can describe what photography means to them so please don’t blame me when I say, it literally is a way for me to express myself through pictures.

I took this picture yesterday and for me it really gives me a moody vibe.”

Take the picture above for example; On the surface, it’s a really basic picture. You have some trees and a grey sky. Some people may find this to be super boring but for me I felt that it really gave off a moody feeling. Something you felt but couldn’t really describe and put into words. In a way this expresses how I am and how I feel from time to time. Just a really chill mood. I know this might not make any sense whatsoever but I’m sure that if you’ve ever been passionate about something, you can’t really describe it because it’s a “feeling.” Honestly, these are the types of pictures that I aspire to take. Pictures that “describe” me but also make people wonder. Pictures that don’t make you wonder about anything specifically. I want to take pictures that make people just…wonder in general.

“Just wonder” Taken at Joffre’s Lake, British Columbia.

I think photography is also about using your creativity and more importantly, your imagination. Again, take the picture above for example; What could be below the water? Is there treasure? Were there any dinosaurs that existed when this lake formed? Has anyone ever tried to climb that mountain? Have there ever been alien sightings in the area? I know the last one is a little extreme but I threw it in there to drag your attention back to this post haha! But you get the idea! Your pictures become so much more interesting when you use your imagination. Honestly though, Aliens have probably visited this lake before. I mean would you look at it? It looks like the picture is from another planet!

“Photography inspires you to travel the world” Taken in Iceland last year.

The last thing I really wanna touch on is how photography inspires me to travel the world one country at a time. I’ll be honest, from high school to my first two years at college, I never really had any interest in travelling to different countries and I had even less of an interest in taking pictures. It wasn’t until I went on my first solo trip to Iceland that I started to grow an appreciation for the great outdoors. I loved looking at waterfalls and mountains but I loved capturing the moment even more because I could revisit them over and over again on my phone. By the way, all these pictures were taken on my iPhone 7 Plus at the time! Just a little disclaimer hehe. After I came back from this trip (you can read more about it on my earlier Iceland post), my love for photography grew. Whenever I went out I always ended up trying to take pictures of my surroundings. Whether I was out for a run or in some really aesthetically pleasing place, I would always take pictures. Eventually taking pictures in my own city wasn’t enough. Wanderlust had started to take over my soul and I was pulled to travel to somewhere else. I went to Dublin by myself for a couple days and I ended up taking tons of pictures which I think at least, are pretty nice!

“ A random tourist took this shot of me off the Cliffs Of Moher in Northern Ireland.”
“The actual Cliffs Of Moher”

Two Irish houses which I thought were aesthetically pleasing. And I think they were also part of a cheese farm?”

As cliche as it sounds, I think photography really changed my perspective on travel. Just being able to capture moments and re-live them over and over again is just something really special. And then you throw in a splash of imagination and creativity and then all of a sudden you’re expressing yourself through your photography. I don’t think I know a lot about what real photography is. Yes the rule of thirds is pretty common sense but past that I know nothing about photography. All I know is that if I take a picture of something and it makes me feel a certain way or make me wonder, I’ll know that I’m doing something right.

P.S: Also my next trip is to Norway so if you want to see some more pictures please follow me on my instagram account: @timberwood_explorer

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you in the next post! (:

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