Photo from Pinterest

I’ve always loved autumn. Ever since I grew up in Whistler, I would always look forward to the seasons, Fall and Winter. But of course, Fall came first so it would make sense as to why it would be my first love.

Also a photo taken off of Pinterest

Whenever I think of Fall ((or Autumn) whichever you prefer) I think of the leaves changing colours, rainfall tapping the windows, a fireplace being lit, or just a nice stroll along the woods.

A photo I Pinterest haha

Right after the hot gruelling Summer, you can finally dig into your closet and dress in layers! Cozy sweaters, baggy sweats, loose cardigans, and ahhh you get the point.

Basically another photo I took off of Pinterest

Not to mention that Halloween is right around the corner! It’s time for pumpkin picking, drinking pumpkin spice everything, celebrating at Oktoberfest, and of course Thanksgiving!

And finally a photo I took off of Tumblr! haha

As you can tell, I absolutely love Fall! What’s your guys favourite season? Or if you love the same season, what about it makes you look forward to it so much? Let me know! Until next time.

Your Friend,

Collin Yan

P.S: I can’t wait for Fall to come so I can start taking photos and stop using photos off Pinterest and Tumblr! Haha

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