A nonsensical fascination of Europe!

I’m not sure what it is about Europe that I find so interesting but to me, the continent itself just seems so enticing.

A panoramic shot of Seljalandsfoss!

Whenever I think of Europe I think of majestic mountains, old buildings rich with history, lush fields, and just beautiful cities with tons of different kind of people that have stories to tell.

Took this at the Belfast Christmas Market!

Most times when I have downtime, I’m looking for flight deals to anywhere in Europe. Norway, Switzerland, Greece, New Zealand, and Greenland are all places I’d love to see!

Random Street in Dublin near Cobblestone Pub!

I think if I were to visit Europe again (hopefully soon) I would love to go during the Fall, Winter or Spring!

Taken inside the Guinness Factory!

Anyway that’s it for my nonsensical fascination of Europe! I can’t wait to see the wide open fields, the unique architecture, experience different cultures and to meet different types of people.

Have you guys ever had a nonsensical fascination with anything? Can you guys relate to me in regards to my love for Europe? Let me know! Until we meet again.

Your Friend,

Collin Yan

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