Honestly I wasn’t sure why I started writing this or why I started this with “home” as the title but I was listening to a song called “Home” by Gabrielle Aplin and I swear to you when I first listened to this song I started crying. Even when I have the day off and blast the song in my music room, a little bit of moisture manages to escape my eye.

Watching the news and following social media, you can see that there’s so many conflicts that are happening around the world. So many people who don’t have homes to return to or have had their homes destroyed. Whoa that took a dark turn. Anyway I just wanted to make a short post about “Home.”

What I imagine my Future Home being” – Photo Creds Pinterest

When listening to the song I mentioned earlier, Home has a ton of different meanings. Home doesn’t have to be a physical place. It could be a feeling or even a person. What does home mean to you? Actually as I write this, the person next to me literally just said “When you invite someone into your home, it’s like you’re inviting them to see a little bit of you. The plants, the decor, the atmosphere all represent a part of you” – Random person sitting beside me at Wendels, Fort Langley (You gotta visit this place).

Back on topic.

For me “Home” is a feelings. It’s ever moving. It could be my actual home where my family lives in. It could be Fort Langley or North Vancouver which I often visit. It could be a feeling when I’m hanging out with my friends. It could be in nature when you’re in the middle of nowhere but you feel peace. As cheesy as it sounds “Home is where the heart is.” I believe that “Home” is whatever you pour your heart and soul into.

Anywho, what do you guys consider to be your “Home”? Maybe you’re more like me where it’s a feeling and it’s ever changing ever moving. Or maybe it’s in religion where God is your home or whichever religion you believe in. Perhaps it’s your actual home where your family lives in. Maybe the definition changes in each and every stage of your life. Who really knows except for yourself? In any case, I’d love to hear more of your thoughts about this topic. I don’t really have a way of ending this post so I’ll just spread some positivity your way. You’re loved, you’re cherished, and you’re a great friend.

Your Friend,

Collin Yan

3 thoughts on “Home

  1. This was an evocative post about the idea of Home. In fact I too, wrote a post titled the very same. I think you’re quite right, home means different things to different people. And at different times.

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      1. Great to hear Collin. Please look at The Idea of Home post for my thoughts on your theme. I think we have covered similar ground Thanks for your kind comment about my writing.

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