5 Reasons Why I Think People Are Amazing (most the time)

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while now but today a close friend of mine suggested that I watch a YouTube video called  “The History And Future Of Everything.” In a nutshell, the video talked about the past, present, and the future. It talked about time before humans and time after humans! How insignificant we can be in the whole scheme of things and how small we really are in the universe. After watching this video I thought to myself how incredible humans really are to be able to invent and create so many different kind of things, so I decided to start this post!

Two of the most incredible humans I know!”


  1. “People Are Kind”

Throughout my life, I’ve experienced kindness in many different ways. Sometimes kindness can take the form of someone listening to your troubles or driving you home from work or sharing their plate of food with you. I think you already get the idea but not everyone is kind. So if you meet someone who is, don’t let them go because they can be pretty cool people!

2. “People Can Make You Happy”

Ultimately your happiness is your decision. You decide whether today is going to be your day or if it’s going to be a shit day. However, having friends who resonate with you, stick by you, support you, and love you definitely helps. You can’t face this world on your own. You may be strong and you may be able to find positivity in even the most unlikely places but having friends that can help you be happy is a blessing.

3. “People can make you think”

This one and “people being kind” are probably my favourite ones. Why? Because when you come across that one individual who has a totally different mindset than you, you start to learn. You learn and learn and learn the more you meet people. Your view on one subject and someone’s else’s view on the same subject could clash but you’d both come out of the conversation a different person. Hell, you’d probably come out better person because your mind has been broadened. There’s so much more I could talk about but the main point I’m trying to get at is that people are a part of your life to inspire you, enlighten you, teach you, guide you, and of course, to make you think!

4. “People Challenge You”

Much like “People can make you think,” people challenging you is a very positive thing. When I say challenge I don’t mean it as, “Hey let’s meet at the playgrounds and fight” kinda challenge. The way I mean challenge is when your friends or sphere of influence, challenge your way of thinking. Whenever you stray down the wrong path (because let’s be real, it happens) it’s incredibly positive to have those people around that love you, tell you and challenge you to change your ways. Or a simpler example is let’s say you’ve always studied math one way (ugh boring), and because you studied it one way you always sucked at it. Well your friends have noticed that you suck at math but thankfully they care enough to challenge you to change your ways so that you don’t suck at math. You see what I’m saying? All in all, it’s good to be challenged constantly by those around you because it helps you grow. Honestly, I could have included this in the 3rd point but I wanted to make it separate to keep each point short LOL.

5. “You have no choice”

I bet you didn’t see that coming did you? HAH! Anyway let me elaborate on this one. What I mean by not having a choice is that no matter what you do in life, at one point or another, you will meet people. You can stay in your bedroom for 30 years (totally would not recommend) playing video games but one day when you finally decide to stroll out of your room you’ll meet someone who was always meant to be there for you. You could be walking down the street just minding your own business and boom “hi my name is Jeff. Oh your name is Nancy? Nice to meet you!”

You’ll meet people at work, on the street, in the library, online (yes even online), at concerts, when you’re traveling, and a ton of other different places. And I don’t mean “meet” like a dating kind of meet. I just mean “meet” like hello let’s be friends. For sure you’ll meet amazing people along the way but you’re bound to meet Mr. Imalwaysnegativepleasegetoutofmyway. So when you meet people, make sure you meet the cool ones. The ones who stand for something, have a positive outlook on life, and all around just …nice!

Even if you meet people who aren’t as kind, be nice to them anyway. Be the little sunshine in their life. Who knows? Maybe they’ll end up becoming your best friend.

Anyway if you’ve stuck around this far, I apologize to you cause I kinda switched topics a tad bit at the end there. For those of you who didn’t make it to the end of my list, I totally understand cause I nearly fell asleep asleep as well writing this! There’s something about listening to music and writing that make you feel a little drowsy. IF you guys have a list of your own or want to add to the list, please feel free to! Until the next post!

Your Friend,

Collin Yan

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